Parents play an important role in building a healthy trend for the family which includes adhering to healthy eating habits and lifestyle. These publications are intended as guides to help you prepare healthier meals for your family.



Your Only Choice: Eat Healthy & Be Active

This Infographic Kit comprises of the main booklet and 7 additional individual leaflets in which it includes 11 key messages. The key messages in main booklet are:

  1. Basics of Healthy Diet
  2. Stay Active Everyday
  3. Eat Fruits and Veggies for Health
  4. Be Informed, Make Wise Food Choices

Download the Infographic Kit here:

Your Only Choice: Eat Healthy & Be Active Infographic Kit

The other 7 key messages for the individual leaflets are:

  1. Make Time for Breakfast
  2. Start Your Day Strong with Milk
  3. Fibre for Health
  4. Go Whole Grains
  5. Keep Your Heart Healthy
  6. Healthy Digestive System
  7. Good Bacteria Balance

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Eat Smart + Move More = Recipe for Healthy Families


  1. Guide to A Balanced Diet
  2. Make Time for Breakfast
  3. Eat Out the Healthy Way!
  4. Whole Grains are Wholesome!
  5. Colour Your Meals with Fruits and Veggies
  6. Fill Up on Dietary Fibre
  7. and many more

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Eat Smart, Get Fit & Feel Great: An Infographic Kit


  1. The Road to Healthy Life
  2. Energise your day with Breakfast
  3. Recharge with healthy lunch & dinner
  4. Go Light When You Grab a Bite
  5. Healthy Cooking, Healthy Bites
  6. Go Whole Grains
  7. and many more

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Makan Sihat, Kekal Aktif, Cegah dan Kawal Diabetes


  1. Memahami Diabetes
  2. Makan Secara Sihat
  3. Hidup Aktif
  4. Hidup Sihat Dengan Diabetes
  5. Mitos Diabetes

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Prevent and Manage Diabetes Information Kit

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Makan Sihat, Bergerak Aktif, Cegah Obesity


  1. Memahami Obesiti
  2. Makan Secara Sihat
  3. Bergerak Aktif
  4. Pemantauan Berat Badan
  5. Soal Jawab
  6. Penurunan Berat Badan

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Prevent NCDs: Stay Free From Diet-Related Diseases


Q&A Book: “Hal – hal Pemakanan Keluarga” (English)


Mini Booklet “Tip Gaya Hidup Sihat : Panduan pemakanan praktikal untuk keluarga”

Tip Gaya Hidup Sihat


Wholesome Meals


Guidebook for parents “SMART NUTRITION for Your Growing, Active Kids”


Guidebook for parents & teachers “Raising Healthy Eaters; Eat well, Grow well”


“Easy Nutrition Planner for caring mums”


Guide & Recipe book “Eat Right, Enjoy Life!”