It is recognised that children need to know about nutrition and they should be educated from young. A strong foundation will provide a lifetime of good health, thus it is crucial to inculcate healthy eating habits and be physically active from a young age in order to achieve optimum growth, development & learning potential. Some of the activities that specifically target children include:


Primary School Children

School Roadshow

  1. Nutri-Fun School Roadshows
    • Started from year 2009.
    • ½ day educational & fun-filled visits in 20 primary schools conducted in (Klang Valley).
    • Feature interactive & fun-filled activities on food pyramid, focusing on making healthier choices as well as physical activity.
    • Mascot and nutri-cruiser appearance.
    • Distribution of educational materials to children.
    • Today have visited over 100 schools and reached 60,000 children


  2. Nutrition Interactive Club
    • Started from year 2011.
    • Fun, educational, and interactive nutrition & active living activities during after-school hours.
    • 2-hour hands-on session on practical nutrition
    • Involved collaborating closely with Kelab Doktor Muda during after-school hours
    • Equip the students with nutrition knowledge through interactive and hands-on education activities
    • Today have visited 6 schools and reached 200 children

Inter-school Contest

  1.  “Buku Skrap Sihatku” Contest in 2011
    • Through NMM school roadshows & outstation roadshows (41 schools)
    • Concept : Children are encouraged to practice healthy lifestyle and are requested to tell us their 7-day healthy lifestyle journey in a scrap book
    • Prizes :
      •  Individual : Cash vouchers & hampers
      • School : Most submission (Cash & PC/TV)


  2. “My Fun Healthy Adventure” Scrapbook Contest in 2010
    • Express 7-day journey diary on pursuing healthy lifestyle in a scrap-book
    • Prizes :
      • Group/Individual : Cash vouchers, hampers
      • School : most submission, equipments: PC/Scanner/etc

Educational Materials

  1. “Nutrition Combo Kit” in 2012
    • An educational kit containing materials for children & parents
      - Kembara Alam Sam comic  book

      - Ceria dengan Gaya Hidup activity book

      - D-I-Y foldable pyramid

      - Tips Gaya Hidup Sihat” mini-booklet for parents

      - Vouchers to redeem NMM publications, for both parents and children.

  2. Classroom poster “Rahsia sebalik kejayaan Sam” in 2010
  3. Bookmark “Makan Sihat, Bijak Belajar” in 2010


  1. 2013
    • My Cookbook With Bread
  2. 2011
    • “Ceria dengan Gaya Hidup Sihat” activity book
  3.  2010
    • “Kembara Alam Sam” comic book


Pre-School Children

NutriFun Kindergarten Roadshow (2011 & 2009)

  • Started from year 2009.
  • Today have visited over 54 schools and reached 6,100 children


Educational Materials

  1. NutriFun Educational Materials (2009 & 2011)
    • Started from year 2009
    • NMM Children DVD : Memupuk Gaya Pemakanan Sihat
    • NMM Children Worksheets
      - Bahagian 1: Makan Secara Sihat, Membesar Dengan Kuat- Bahagian 2: Makan Sarapan, Pandai Belajar- Bahagian 3: Makan Secara Sihat, Bermain Dengan Cergas!