Nutrition Month Malaysia – April 2017

Eat Smart + Move More = Recipe for Healthy Families

NCDs are the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the country. To continue to contribute towards prevention of NCDs and all nutrition disorders, NMM 2017 will tackle the root causes, namely healthy eating & active living by instilling healthy lifestyle habits from young, with emphasis of whole family approach.


For 2017, the theme would be Eat Smart + Move More = Recipe for Healthy Families. The main objectives are to promote healthy eating & active living from young as keys to maintain healthy weight, reduce risk of diseases and promote overall health among general population.


A series of activities on promoting healthy eating & physical activity will be carried out:


  • Food-Fit-Fun Fair
  • Eat Smart + Move More = Recipe for Healthy Families: An Infographic Kit
  • Series of educational press articles in major newspapers and magazines
  • Health messages promoted via NMM Facebook page, website & selected radio stations

Nutrition Month Malaysia 2017 Food Fit Fun Fair

Have fun & learn nutrition. Visit us to explore more on:


  • Make time for Breakfast
  • Nourish Your Gut With Good Bacteria
  • Guard Your Gut
  • Wholegrains Are Wholesome
  • Fill Up on Fibre
  • Eat Safe Food
  • Caring for Your Heart

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